Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hose Reels for the Summer Time

Now its coming to the time of year where gardening has become a reality and where all the winter plans dreamt up whilst cozying in front of the Xmas fireplace can come to fruition. That old garden hose reel can be wound up one last time and thrown away and a new innovative self rewinding hose reel that was bought for Christmas can be unpacked, unwound, plugged in and switched on.

Theres nothing like a hose reels first spray, theres nothing a garden likes more than its first springtime feed. If you dont have a water powered hose reel yet, dont feel cranky, go get one today...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hose Reels for Summer

NO-CRANK™ is a range of hose reels that are powered by water. Nothing Else. NO-CRANK™ hose reels are the only hose reels in the market to offer hands-free rewinding of garden hoses. Available in various designs, NO-CRANK hose reels eliminate one of the most stressful parts of maintaining your lawn and garden.

"I tried it last night and I absolutely love it! It takes all the work out of watering my garden. The worst part of that chore was winding up the hose". Betty Pullen, Alabama

Gardening Gifts for Mothers Day

Gardening Gifts for Mothers Day

The No Crank Family is the first automatic rewinding garden tools. A technological breakthrough. No Crank - manufacture Retractable Garden Water Hoses. NO-CRANK garden equipment is available in a variety of designs and with features, cater for every garden need large or small. Products can be floor, wall mounted or set in a mobile casing – NO-CRANK has a solution for everyone.

NO-CRANK™ garden equipment is powered by water. This year get mom a funky gardening gift for mothers day, get her a ground-breaking technology is based on the proprietary Hydro-Pro™ system which takes the water pressure and converts it into the power needed to rewind up to 175ft of reel.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Retail Promotion Software

Retail Promotions Software for Cross-channel Retailers, Wholesalers and Ad Agencies

- Create promotional ads in half the time and at a fraction of the cost
- Produce an unlimited number of highly targeted ads in real-time
- Distribute to all media channels

If you are an enterprise retail organization then What you need is Fast retail promotion software integration into existing systems, requiring no changes at the customer site so that the system can be up & running in days.

Diamond Poetry Competition

Diamond Poetry Competition Invites Contestants to Write a Mother's Day Poem and Win a Diamond Pendant holds their first ever Mother's Day Poetry Competition. To win a diamond pendant ($1,686 retail), contestants are invited to write a poem for Mom on her special day. Include the word "diamond" in the poem, and submit it before May 1, 2007.

Mother's day poem submissions should be made at